Kafka Rust Project

Published on October 07, 2020 by John Ward

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So I have to be the new maintainer of Kafka Rust

Rust lends it self to be a great solid event service, such as Kafka. When I tried to find what implementations were available I found two that need some attention. So as Kafka is getting more and more traction I decided to offer my time to help with the kafka-rust project.

The project can be found here kafka-rust, made my first commit to it this week.

The Plan

This is my rough outline of a plan for the library, I am not going to put a timeframe on this as my day job is quite busy, plus I am still the maintainer of one of the GNOME games, which I have plans to do in Rust also!

Bring up to date with the latest dependencies and Rust

Get the library to build with the latest dependencies and start to tidy up the examples (i have done 1 so far and will do the rest in the next few days). This has caused the CI/CD pipeline to fail, but in my view is in a better state than it was. Perhaps I should have done this in a branch but we are where we are.

Completion of step one is to have the CI pipe line passing again with the most up to date dependencies.

Information Gathering

Review the information from this issue and read the Kafka specifications

Deal with Pull Requests and Issues

Review all the Issues and Pull Requests and work out if they are still relevant given the exercises undertaken in parts 1 and 2.

Dockerise Kafka itself

This will be done so it can be deployed with one of the examples itself to allow testing of Kafka to be nice and easy. I would eventually like to get to a place where you install this lib and you have option to install Kafka itself and configure it appropriately.

Define a Roadmap for development

At this stage I should have enough information and knowledge of the library to define the roadmap going forward, then I can get on the with this and start the discussion in this area.

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