My name is John Ward, day-to-day I’m a Software Architect / Engineering Manager. I’m also a Open Source Maintainer, 3D Graphics and Rust programmer. I am the maintainer for GNOME’s Quadrapassel game and for the library the Rust client to Apache Kafka (kafka-rust).

My day job is Head of Engineering working with a high tech company called Dematic / DAI. Software Engineering is what I love doing, as I spent many years as a Software Engineer / Project Manager / Technical Lead / Group Manager, LinkedIn Profile here, working in the telecommunications/semiconductor / automotive industries, working on exciting projects. Here is my Github.

I have been programming since the ZX Spectrum (+2 with Cassette!- not the original) and BBC Micro was first released.

I also worked on one of the very first smartphones the Nokia 6600 and Nokia 7610.

I can help you with:

  • Building team to deliver distributed cloud based applications, using Kubernetes and container technologies such as Docker
  • Porting applications to Rust
  • Rust Microservices with Kafka, deployed onto Docker and Kubernetes
  • Programme and Project Management, Technical Leading – general software project delivery
  • Making your software building faster remove the bottlenecks
  • Build a Sales Strategy and grow your company
  • Improving or creating Computer Graphics, for example with mainly OpenGL but also familier with DirectX, Vulcan etc.
  • Display stack architecture improvements

Away from the office, you will find me spending time with my family, on a windy beach kitesurfing, paddleboarding, or out on my bike heading up a mountain road or trail.