Who am I? Good question…

<<<—-   Well this is me!

Codethink’s Head of Semiconductor Sales. Another sales guy… well not really. For those people that know me well they will know that “I used to be an engineer” / Project Manager / Technical Lead / Group Manager – Take a look for yourself (here). I have worked in some of the most demanding projects over the years. In fact, I have worked in the telecommunications/semiconductor/ automotive industries for 19 years in August (2018).

When I am in the office, I am based right in the heart of Manchester with , who are part of the thriving technology scene. Codethink is one of the best companies in the world companies in the world at FOSS and Linux (and I can prove it!).

I have been programming since I was 12, starting with Basic on the Spectrum and BBC Micro.

I also worked on one of the very first smartphones the Nokia 6600:

I took this picture (below) at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. (One of my favourite places to spend an afternoon).

My Techie Interests:

Embedded Software Development,
Microcontroller Development,
Systems Programming – and doing it safely,
Mobile Applications,
Multimedia frameworks,
Device Driver development.

Away from the office, you will find me spending time with my family, on a windy beach kitesurfing, or out on my bike heading up a mountain road or trail.

This is me kitesurfing at my favourite beach (Gwithian) ^^^