September 6, 2023

Welcome to My Professional Blog


I am John Ward, and I’m currently the CTO at Partful, a dynamic startup, my daily focus revolves around the my passion for technology. But I have worked for and with a lot of interesting companies, these have include: Mobica, Codethink, Google, Tesla and JLR. The technical ideal for me is working on software delivery, 3D graphics or software build.

My background spans roles such as Software Engineer, Project Manager, Technical Lead, VP or Sales, Head of Software and I now proudly hold the position of CTO.

The aim for this blog is to publish some lots of interesting technical articles that I get involved in on a daily basis or discuss with my network of contacts. These tend to focus around the subjects below. Even though my day to day at Partful is strategy these are the areas I consider myself a subject matter expert in:

  • Backend architecture – monoliths, microservices or serverless
  • 3d graphics, (such as OpenGL, Vulkan, ThreeJS, glTF or USD)
  • Build, value streams and DevOps pipelines
  • Software architecture, including event streaming

So I hope you enjoy it, I will aim to publish 1 to 2 posts per month (Some I will also publish to LinkedIn).



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